J.J. Richardson, LLC
Phone: 1-888-583-9536

J.J. Richardson, LLC is registered as an investment advisor under the Maryland Securities Act.

The investment objective of J.J. Richardson is to achieve investment results that exceed the returns of the S&P’s 500 Index * (“S&P 500”). J.J. Richardson seeks to achieve investment objective by allocating assets among equities, bonds, and money market instruments. J.J. Richardson uses trading models that consider historical and forecast data to assess the quality and sustainability of company earnings growth and the relative attractiveness of a company’s valuations. Fundamental analysis is used to evaluate sector weightings.

There can be no assurance that J.J. Richardson will be successful in pursuing investment objective. Past results of J.J. Richardson and its principals are not necessarily indicative of future performance.

*The S&P 500 is a widely recognized index of stocks chosen for market size, liquidity and industry groupings.